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Want to significantly improve your chances
of passing the CPA exam?

If you're getting ready to take the CPA exam then you've probably asked yourself this question.

Hey, why pay hundreds - or even thousands - of dollars for a review course when you can find plenty of study materials online for free, or study from your old college notes & textbooks?

Good question. The honest truth is that you CAN study for the CPA exam all on your own. But keep in mind that the statistics show that the average passing rate for the CPA exam is 45%.  That's right - less than 1/2 of the people that take the exam pass it!

Do you want to risk being one of the 55%
who DON'T pass the CPA exam?

If you don't want to take that risk for such an important step in your career path, then CPAStudyGuides.com can help you find the best review course to help you pass the CPA exam. A good study guide isn't cheap, so you want to make sure you find the right tools and resources to prepare for the exam. We’ve done the work for you to analyze the various review courses that are available, so you can spend your time studying instead of researching & comparing.

When it comes to taking tests, some people like them & others hate them. Which one best describes you?

Either way, the goal is to pass the CPA exam with the least amount of stress, and the most effective and efficient preparation. So when the big day comes, you are ready! We hope you find these tips and resources helpful in your big journey to becoming a CPA. Here's what you'll find:

Which CPA study guide do we recommend?

Only about 45% of those who take the CPA exam pass it (click here for 2013 passing rates). So clearly it takes a great deal of preparation to even have a 50/50 chance of passing. How much can a study guide actually help you? Click below to find out...

Obviously, becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is not easy to do. Especially with the requirement of having to pass a comprehensive exam. That's where a review course comes in. It can help you figure out where to put your focus when studying. But with so many resources out there, it can become confusing trying to figure out which review course is right for you. And that's where CPAStudyGuides.com comes in. We've checked out the CPA review courses and here is our recommendation:

Not everyone wants help studying for the CPA exam (formally known as the Uniform Certified Public Accountant examination). Some people feel they can pass it on their own. If that sounds like you, then good luck. But if you want help, then one of these top 3 review programs can help you. Which one is right for you? Check out our reviews to find the best match for your study needs.

Of course, you can study entirely on your own. There are lots of free resources on the web, and some of them are pretty good. Here is a great online CPA community where you can ask questions & share tips. So why bother spending money on a CPA review course? Good question. There are several benefits to using a study guide:

First, you don’t have to spend your valuable time doing research. A good study guide will save you the time and effort it would normally take to put together a good study plan. Remember when you were in college and some professors gave you a good test review to follow? And others just told you to study everything (but then only tested you on a small amount of the material)? These study guides will be like the good professors that actually want you to succeed.

Second, you don’t have to wonder whether or not the materials are accurate. Standardized tests change over time. And CPA requirements can also change. So if you don’t get the most up-to-date information, you risk wasting time studying the wrong material. A good study guide will provide you with updates as they happen so you will always be prepared.

Third, there is so much material to cover, how will you know what is the most important to study? And what isn’t? A good study guide will help you prioritize, so you don’t waste time studying small details that are less important. With 4 parts to prepare for, the more time you spend reviewing the important material, the more likely you are to pass.

Happy studying, and good luck on the CPA exam!


Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review



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