Here are the top 3 CPA review courses that will give you the BEST chance of passing the CPA exam:

Making the decision to become a CPA is easy. It's a great career move. It carries with it a lot of prestige. You can earn a LOT more money. You can always get a job. No job is perfect, but becoming a CPA offers far more "pros" than "cons". 

But passing the CPA exam...well that's not quite as easy. Did you know that the passing rate is typically around 50%? It's true. Check out the latest results and see for yourself: click here for 2014 CPA exam passing rates. If it was easy to pass, then it wouldn't be such a huge boost to your career, right?

So the question you need to ask yourself:
Is it worth paying up to a few thousand dollars on a CPA review course?

If you are confident you'll be one of the 50% who will pass, then maybe not. But statistics from the top CPA review courses show that the passing rate increases all the way up to 85-90% when you use one of the review courses below. The choice is yours. But if you are looking to improve your chances, then check out the top 3 CPA review courses and give yourself much more than a 50/50 chance of passing! 

1) Wiley

The Wiley CPAexcel review course is one of the most trusted and popular CPA exam review courses. It has been published twice a year for more than thirty five years, so you know it's got a good reputation. But it is also one of the cheapest CPA review courses, so is it good enough to help you pass the CPA exam? In general, yes it is. And check out the passing rates below. You can't last more than 35 years and produce those type of results without being very good!



2) Yaeger

The Yaeger CPA Review Course is not the most well-known, and certainly not the cheapest. But if you are looking for a high-quality study guide which gives you a great chance at passing the CPA exam, then Yaeger should be high on your list. Students who use the Yaeger course usually give it very high marks, which is one of the most important considerations.



3) Becker

The Becker CPA review course has been around since 1957, making it one of the longest running review courses, so it's definitely one to trust. On the other hand, it is also probably the most expensive. Is it really that good to be worth such a high price tag? Here's how the Becker course works: The Becker CPA review course is taught in three different formats. If you prefer face-to-face instruction, the live lectures are delivered internationally in over 200 locations. If you prefer online, or don't live near one of the live locations, the online classes are held once a week, and you can access the lectures as many times as you need to. There is also a CD that contains all the lectures so you can watch them entirely at your own pace. While the delivery method may be different, the content is the same so you can choose any of the 3 options.



Happy studying, and good luck on the CPA exam!






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